The Nigerian Story

I am Nigerian, proudly so, and our story like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said, is ours to tell.


Stepping Out

The words of Mrs Abdul keeps ringing in my ears. “The key to keeping your man,” she had said haughtily when she heard of my dilemma, “is to make him feel like a man. My husband and I have been married for 25 years now and he has been faithful every minute of it. ”…

Her mother thinks she is shy because she never wants to leave the house, and she stutters when she talks to strangers, there’s nothing wrong with her, her mother explains, she’s just shy. Her sister says she’s strange because she she has no friends, and doesn’t want to go to parties, there’s nothing wrong with…

One of them

I stood quietly as he took the belt from its special place. I flinched as I watched it happen once again. She didn’t struggle as the metal buckle hit her repeatedly. I watched as silent tears… Source: One of them

Maybe when we went back to our lives, it would just disappear. Evaporate. And then where would we be?

Although, at the end of the day, I really did it because I was in love with love.

How could I have thought he’d really wanted to be with me? His words had been empty, meaningless, but I’d believed every one. I thought it was real, but I was a fool. He’d betrayed me. And for what?

The Difference

I stood quietly as he took the belt from it’s special place, I flinched as I watched it happen once again, She did not struggle as the metal buckle hit her repeatedly, I watched as silent tears rolled down her gaunt cheeks, I saw little Junior hide inside the cabinets, I noticed Andy tiptoe down…

6 Things All Nigerians Do On Independence Day

The 1st of October is much more that flags and partying, it’s about Nigeria severing ties with the British and declaring independence. No doubt the day is special for every Nigerian, be it a child or an octogenarian. It is the day of patriotism and one cannot help but be nostalgic of this very day…